Electrical Estimating

RJB Australia offers a fast and cost-effective

Electrical Estimating Service that contractors can count on

The flexible nature of our electrical estimating services allows us to support smaller contractors who don’t require a full-time estimator as well as large contractors who prefer to outsource these duties.


Many of our customers find that our adaptable electrical estimating services alleviate the need to hire an in-house specialist. As a result, they have been able to reduce their expenses and increase their capacity to bid for projects.

Using the Espro estimating software and our custom developed database (Sparx) and applying our combined 50+ years of industry experience, the RJB Australia team offer competitively priced estimations for a diverse range of projects.

RJB Australia have successfully and competitively priced projects from $100 up to $65 million.

We strive to provide our customers with a finished product that they can use to produce impressive pitches and win over desirable clients.

Our tenders include:

  • Detailed breakdowns
  • Clear list of materials
  • Accurate projections
  • Comprehensive tender letter listing all inclusions, exclusions and clarifications

All electrical estimating projects are done at a competitive hourly rate and RJB Australia are protected by Professional Indemnity insurance, as an assurance of our services.

Reach out to the team at RJB Australia today to learn more about our cost-effective electrical estimating services.

    Some of our happy clients include:

    • Ascot Electrical Services – Qld
    • Baycoast Electrical – NSW
    • Current Trend Electrial – Qld
    • Dayboro Electrical – Qld
    • Definitive Electrical – Qld
    • Electrical 3 – NSW
    • ElectroGuru – Qld
    • Goodridge Electrical – Qld
    • Guardian Electrical – Qld
    • Hunter Light & Power – NSW
    • I-Lec – Qld
    • iSpark Electrical Solutions- Vic
    • Jensen Electrical Group – Qld
    • LCE Qld Pty Ltd – Qld
    • Nexxon Group – NSW
    • Nites Electrical – WA
    • Store Tec – Qld
    • Teldaco – Qld
    • Total Power Corp – NSW
    • Wrights Electrical – Qld
    • Eris McCarthy Electrical – NSW
    • GCR Electrical Systems – Qld
    • i-Lec Civil Solutions Pty Ltd – Qld
    • Phase Electrical & Communications – Qld
    • Snell’s Electrical – Qld
    • Wendel Brebner Electrical – Qld


    Please use the following Dropbox link to upload any information you need delivered to RJB Australia.



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