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The RJB Australia team works with hand-picked technology specialists to offer

Our Electrical Contractors premium software solutions

With a combined 50+ years of industry experience, RJB Australia have had plenty of time to decide which electrical industry software goes the distance. We work in close partnership with Spearhead Software to deliver the industry’s best software solutions to our customers. Our team also work with Trade Service of Australia to give our customers access to their electrical material pricing database and to develop time saving software solutions for the construction industry participants.

RJB Australia has partnered with Trade Service of Australia to create the Sparx Electrical Database. This database contains over 16,000 electrical industry items all with normal installation and variation fit times attached to them. It also contains over 6,500 pre-builds (combinations of individual items) that make the estimating process a quicker and more accurate process. The database has been developed to be used with Simpro, Espro and other estimating packages. Want to speed up your estimating process and create accurate and consistent estimates? Check us out via the link below.

What can software designed for the electrical industry do for me?

While there’s a massive host of tools available from Spearhead and Trade Service’s platforms, some of our favourite features are:

  • Produce competitive and accurate estimations.
  • Manage and update projects performance and profitability
  • Have handy access to your clients’ information
  • Simplify procurement
  • Make accurate cable sizing calculations with specially designed software
  • Calculate true labour costs on the fly
  • Build tailored databases

RJB Australia offer various programs, along with comprehensive installation and training services at a competitive price point.


Invest in the right technology and do business smarter.

Software partners include:

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