Professional Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Our combined 50+ years of experience in technical writing goes into each and every O&M manual RJB Australia produces

When you work with RJB Australia, you are engaging trade qualified resources to ensure your manual’s content is accurate and correct.

Construction projects usually require trades to hand over an O&M manual as the final step of the work. These guides are key in educating the client and end-users about key components of the project and how to maintain their recent project.


Producing a professional and technically excellent O&M manual is more than just fulfilling your contractual obligations. It’s the symbolic signing-off of a project and is likely to impact how your client will remember you.

Protect your work into the future and provide your client with an O&M manual that reflects the professionalism of your work.

Our technically excellent O&M manuals include:

  • Hard and digital copies
  • A clear breakdown of vital information
  • Professional formatting, layout and collation
  • An unrivalled attention to detail

While we specialise in work for electrical contractors, we also have a wealth of experience in carrying out O&M drawing services for contractors across various fields including audio visual, security, hydraulic, wet & dry fire protection, mechanical and plenty more.

The RJB Australia team offers a cost-effective fixed-sum service based on:

  • For subcontractors: The value of your sub-contract package
  • For builder: The overall building contract value

Please use the following Dropbox link to upload any information you need delivered to RJB Australia.


Give the RJB Australia team a call today to find out more about how we can assist you in developing the O&M manual for your next project.


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